Is Cloud Hosting services is good for your site in 2015

Is Cloud Hosting services is good for your site in 2015 : Before 6 month ago when i started blogging that time i didn’t know about the power of Hosting, but there are many reason to use Hosting in your blog or site for newbie.

The cost of hosting for starting per year is not much more as compaire to what you earn, you can do may things when you are on hosting there are also many free hosting offers but that not as good if you do bloging with all your passion and support then just try any premium one.


There are many types of hosting available in world, but some best hosting for newbie are :-


Is Web Hosting is good for your site in 2015 - 16


1.) Free Hosting :- If you are making personal site with low traffic then its best for you, but if you getting more traffic then don’t try this somtimes they crash and your all data will be gone. its free but Limited security options.


2.) Shared Virtual Hosting :- this type of hosting is good for if you share your site publicly for business purpose. with this you will get your own e-mail, database, and many more editing options. you can share your hosting cost with others. but there is some limit on traffic volume.


3.) Dedicated web server Hosting :- the cost of this hosting is much higher then above 2 hosting. but the facility you got is just amezing. you can do anything with your site, it can easly handel high traffic & Powerful database. if you know all skills about hosting and site then Dedicated web hosting is best for you.


4.) Cloud Web hostingĀ  :- its provide hosting for sites on virtual servers, we can say that networks of physical web servers. its more rellable and offer more physical security too you


5.) E commerce web hosting :- this hosting is fully made for shopping sites. and can be use only for large business purpose. now a day many of sites using this to increase there selling products and services.


You can chose any one which you remember one thing its better to use paid hosting and increase your site traffic there are also many options to do bloging on wordpress and earn much more out of your limit.

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