How to See Online Friends when you Offline in Facebook

See Online Friends when you Offline in Facebook, Facebook is big online way to connect friends with each other and now a day most of the teenager using it everyday so what about there privacy am talking about when you online whole day then your friends think you don’t have any work or you waste of time on facebook, so there is solution provide by facebook you turn off your chat this is plus point of facebook but the nigetive thing is you can’t see other people who is online so this is a big drawback of that, FACEBOOK think about it. am also very disappointing with this feature.

But i found a solution for that which gives answer of your all question about this topic.

  • How to See Online Friends on Facebook Chat.


  • How do I know who is online when I am Offline in facebook.


  • Trick to See the list of Online Friends on Facebook when you’re Offline or Online,


  • How to see online friends on facebook without being online

  • Now click on NEW ONLINE NOW to know who is online while you’re offline.
  • This Facebook App allows you to view your online friends when you offline
  • Also you can see when your chat is on but that is not necessary.
  • It generates a new page which displays the list of your online friends.
  • NEW ONLINE NOW keeps on refreshing after a certain time to keep you updated on the status of your friends

So Enjoy seeing your online friends when you offline.


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