How to Approve Google Adsense within 15 days 2015

Hello friends!!! this post will help you for How to Approve Google Adsense within 15 days 2015, no need to any professional skill required for that when i start blogging before a month many people and my friends also says that google not easily approve adsense they are very strict about there policies but its not that much serious thing when i get a domain and around 5-6k views my blogg approve within 15days.

 Just Follow Below 6 things :-

How to Approve Google Adsense within 15 days 2015

1) Good content:

1st whenever you make a blogg you must post a good content its very important don’t worry you do all copy many blogger says don’t do copy past but its not true you can do but in your way put small ideas of your mind also. and don’t forget to put privacy policies about us and contact detail etc.

2) Neat and clean:

Make your blogg neat and clean you should know that this point how much help you this is the basic thing required for approving adsense. use good plugin best template and post at least 20 very clean and unique articles.

3) Fonts role:

Am asking many my friends how google approve my adsense ac or not they say google not approve your ac why just because am using different fonts, facebook plugin and all that but its not fair you should only need good content that’s it google automatically approve your adsense.


4) Advertisment:

4th thing don’t put any advertisment like infolink or bidvertiser in your blogg before approval when i apply i put bidvertiser that is affecting my account and my account not approve in 1st attempt so i remove that and apply after 6k view again then within 2days my site got approve finally.

5) Get Domain:

Last  thing if you are doing blogging and your blogg not approve in long time then you need to buy a good domain there are many sites like godaddy or bigrock giving domain in low price arround Rs.99 for 1year just buy them. then definitely your account got approval.

6) Help forum:

If your site not got approve after doing this just go to adsense help forum and start a discussion you definitely get a solution. because when my site not approve am asking in help forum they said you put crack (software) thing in your blogg this is not our police so i remove that and today i have a fully approve adsense account.

Also many blogger says your blogg must be 6month old and gmail ac also but belive me i started blogging in 16th march so you and yesterday my site get fully approve adsense ya but my gmail account is 6mnth old but its not matter only necessary thing is good content that’s it google approve your adsense.


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