From Dr. Fixit Experts FREE 5 point Waterproofing Guidance

From Dr. Fixit Experts FREE 5 point Waterproofing Guidance :- Now a day Every home needs protection From water and whether and it is for each of us to detect the early signs of Dampness and leakage in our homes. This Independence month let us fight back with the Expert protection by our side, Now Protect Your Home from Dampness and #Leakage with DrFixit, To get more info, here are the steps :-



Why Dr.Fixit:-

  • Remember complete waterproofing preserves and protects every part of our home from attracting seepage and leakage and the embarrassment arising out of damaged and weak walls.
  • Dr Fixit India’s leading #Waterproofing Expert presents a range of waterproofing solutions for your home. So when You Think Waterproofing Think DrFixit

How to Protect Your Home from Dampness and Leakage with DrFixit:-

CLICK HERE For From Dr. Fixit Experts FREE 5 point Waterproofing Guidance :-


Roof Waterproofing :

A roof is exposed to severe weather conditions throughout the year. If a roof is not waterproofed properly, it leads to damp patches on the ceiling. In severe cases, water seeps down and results in ceiling damp patches & leakages.

Use Dr. Fixit Roofseal range of solutions for waterproofing of your roof.

  • Roofseal Flex
  • New Coat range of products
  • URP


Bathroom Waterproofing :

Your bathroom is exposed to water and moisture every day. This dampness can not only damage the internal walls but also extend to the adjacent external walls. This can result in flaking paint which can spoil the overall aesthetics of your home.

Use Dr. Fixit Bathseal range of products for 100% leak free bathroom waterproofing.

  • Pidgin 2K
  • URP
  • FastFlex

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