Earn Money From a Blogging

Earn Money From a Blogging, If you are blogging on a blog and still not using any program to earn through your blog then you will be disappointing soon by paying for those hosting, domain name charges.And if you have decided to earn through your blog and don’t know which network will be useful for you then this post will make you understand about it.So let’s start.You may have seen many blogger earning money online by simply posting some articles on their blog.Every blogger wants to earn whether they are blogging about SEO or Android tricks.Some people actually likes to do blogging for free but what about their hosting charges, domain name charges? They needs to pay for these things every year so little earning is a must.

How can you make money from a blog?

The must having thing is good amount of traffic that will help you earn through your blog.Because if there is no audience in your blog it will be like a tea cup without tea.So if you want to enjoy earning through your blog you should start writing quality articles on daily basis for the first some months And you will see the different in your blog traffic people are more likely to visit a blog when they like a post of your blog and they’d like to visit your blog again to see if there’s a new post like before.

So if you have started following above some tips then your are ready to move to the next paragraph to learn how to make money through your blog.

Top 3 Ways To Earn Money From Bloga-

These ways will surely help you make money by blogging.You will earn money based on the network you are using and the networks are:

1) Use Pay Per Click [PPC] Network-

The best and most usable way and first on our list.It’s Pay Per Click Network.The most popular PPC network is Google Adsense.After getting Google adsense approval you will need to get a code give by adsense and paste it on your blog.After some weeks you will start seeing ads on you blog if you have pasted code on your blog.When you will start getting decent amount of traffic and traffic that comes from USA.Because as per my info Google adsense pays more to visitors that comes from US.But not to use VPN over Google adsense as it will not help you earn for long time as google is more smarter than you.

So you will earn through this PPC network when ever someone click on your ad and you will be paid money for that.

2) In Text Advertising Network are best-

This is the second way of earning through your blog easily.You can use both google adsense and In Text Advertising network on your blog.Or if you have been rejected from google adsense and finding a way to earn through your blog then that time this will help you make small amount of money from your blog.The best In Text Advertising network is Infolinks.It will show ads in your words in your blog post.You will earn whenever someone will click on those infolinks in text ads.This is a little slow way but not worst.Still many popular blog using infolinks ads on their blog along with adsense or without adsense.

3) Offer Services On Your Blogg-

This is the last but not least.If you want to earn more money from your blog then you can also start offering services on your blog for your visitors.You can work on their blog to make it more popular and can earn from those bloggers or you can help them customize their blog and looks great and can earn little with this.But these days everyone has a little info on blogging.So you can help other bloggers to get visitors on their blog and help them make money or you can also post articles on their blog as a author till they start getting visitors and get money from them on daily basis.In this way people will more likely to ask you to do the above things for them because you are offering services that are mostly useful for newbies.

Conclusion summery-

These are the Top 3 Ways to make money from a blog and will help you for sure to make a little revenue from your blog.And will help you grow your blog.From my openion you should always go for Google adsense.But getting google adsense is not as easy as you think.You need to hard work on your blog.And there are some more things you need to follow to get google adsense.I will be posting a tutorial on how to make your blog ready to get google adsense.But for now you can stick to any of above Network for some revenue.You can share your thoughts about what are you doing to make money from your blog in your comments.

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