Can we Use Adsense with Infolinks & Bidvertiser

This is common question for all bloggers or websites admin, can i use adsense and BidVertiser Infolinks together ? Here i will discuss about all these things related to adsense with ibidvertiser and infolinks

Infolink and bidvertiser is in-text ad network and after adsense this is the best way to earn from blogg, and offers various other ad types. I have used Adsense and bidvertiser together on my website from last 2 month. Official there is no problem with adsens and bidvertiser.
Adsense show contextual ads or bidvertiser and infolinks show in-text ads on your website so it is fully compatible with Infolinks.



  • You can safely use Infolinks or bidvertiser on the same page where you are monetizing with AdSense.


  • You can also use any other in-text ad network along with AdSense on a web-page. Example:Chitaka


  • Only take care about no any bidvertiser and infolinks ads cover Adsense ads.

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