Boleh VPN (Hide Your IP use Unlimited)

The Bolehvpn is Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider company and covers a variety of countries; United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland , Germany and Netherland being among those countries. Bolehvpn’s Graphic User Interface is easy to use. The company is based in Malaysia and its network services enable users to access even blocked websites as well as obtain the much needed security of their data.

Full Speed-

For all the lovers of Internet surfing, speed in data reception equals satisfaction. Where most VPN providers will quote and assure a certain speed of receiving data, you only get to experience less than half of what you have subscribed for; in the name of Fair Usage Policy- where the speed of your ISP reduces over time. Bolehvpn enables you to enjoy the speed you subscribe for so that your data reception and downloads do not take longer than they should.

Protocols Status-

Bolehvpn supports other virtual private network such as: openVPN (which is the greatest and most secure for connecting from Mac, PC or Linux) and L2TP (which  is compatibility to iPhones, Android devices, iPod Touch and iPhone among other mobile devices).

Boleh vpn also supports any P2P traffic this make downloading faster.

Security Proof-

You do not want to have any of your information leaking out and bolehvpn safeguards you from this; by masking your ISP identity on the other end so that you can not be recognized. BolehVPN doesn’t keep any user log. It is very important that whatever sites you visit on the Internet be as safe and secure as possible.  Your data security provided by bolehvpn, while surfing on the web. 


Best Features: Summary-

  • Bolehvpn offers free switch to other servers- which, with other virtual private networks, can be extremely costly.


    • The software is easy to install and the GUI (graphic user interface) easy to use. Better still, it gives access to websites of over seven countries namely: Germany, The United States of America, The United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Luxembourg and Switzerland.


          • It supports L2TP and Open Virtual Network Provider


            • It is compatible with the following operating systems (OS): Mac OS/X, Linux (Ubuntu), Windows 7, windows Vista and Windows XP so you can use it on a range of devices including: laptops, ipads, mobile phones etc.


              • The network is optimized for P2P


                • Bolehvpn supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers

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