All about cloud hosting services and providers in 2015

All about cloud hosting services and providers in 2015 Now a day cloud hosting is in top of the hosting services. so if you are a biginner here i will tell you all  about the best hosting services and types of cloud hosting which you can use in different platform to serve better to your users. which is help you if you are starting it now

By cloud hosting you can manage your hosting from anywere. web hosting is old faishon now. everyone is moving and want more powerfull hosting tools



What is cloud hosting services? : Cloud hosting technology is modern computing. were lots of super fast many computer machines to act as one your system. totaly depend on one machine only thats why there are many types of cloud hosting devided now a day i expain brefly in below. cloud hosting refers to the public cloud Usually.

Today cloud hosting security is guaranteed by many service provider. you can easly understand when you listen “public cloud,” think of the any net service and when you want to easly understand private cloud just  think of your company’s net.


All about cloud hosting services and providers in 2015 : –


Managed cloud hosting services : cloud hosting is many types and they are managed as user requirment which you like you can use as your uses policis. so there are many types of cloud hosting devided and explain below brifly :-


  1. What is Private cloud hosing? : A private cloud is a single model of cloud computing thats based on any main and secure cloud based environment in which only the specified client can operate. As with other cloud models, private clouds will provide computing power as a service within a virtualised atmosphere. under the private cloud system the cloud is the pool of resources is only accessible by a single  association providing that  association with high control and security.

    So if you think about work in your company’s work then this type of hosting is best  option. private cloud hosting services can vary considerably and so it is hard to define exactly. this type of services are manly describe by the features that they offer to their users.

  2. What is Public cloud Hosting? : This is the Most common platform of cloud computing to many users is in the public cloud model, under which cloud services are provided in a virtualised atmosphere using pooled shared physical resources, Public clouds  provide services to access many users using the same shared services its like for an business sharing your ideas with many trusted person purpose. public cloud services is more cost efficient  than private clouds hosting thats why its uses more.
  3. What is VPS cloud hosting? : Virtual Private Server cloud hosting is fully controllable and all the access and admin pannel allows full configurat & administrat as if you had a dedicated server and similarly fully customization, available resources are configur within those virtualiz hardware upto there limits. Cloud hosting provides similar functionality to Virtual Private Server but the resources are on when demand is required.
  4. What is Hybride cloud hosting? : A hybrid cloud is combination of both private and public clouds hosting to perform distinct functions within the same association. All cloud computing services should offer certain efficiencies to differing degrees but public cloud services are likely to be more cost efficient than private clouds.




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